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Semen and Saliva Detections

Semen and Sperm Detection, Inc. provides a 100% accurate and conclusive examination for the detection of semen, sperm, or saliva.  Our 4-phase test is the most accurate and reliable semen detection test available.  In just 1-2 days you will have assurance of your infidelity concerns.  The test will determine without a doubt if the sample you provide contains semen, sperm, or saliva.  An easy to understand, notarized and conclusive report is provided for each case.  The report is very thorough and states specifically if the sample is positive or negative for semen or sperm.  

Semen Detections are primarily utilized in determining infidelity.   

Panties are tested more than all other items combined.  Other tested items include pants, bed linens, scrapings, washcloths, bathrobes, t-shirts, and lingerie to name a few.  Signs of Infidelity.

::DNA Extraction From Semen/Sperm
In the event your sample is positive for semen, sperm, or saliva,  you may elect to proceed with DNA analysis for further confirmation.  The most common DNA extractions are the Y-PLEX, specific for male DNA, or the standard 16 Allele Indentifiler or PowerPlex profile. Each of these extraction types are highly successful of producing a DNA profile for DNA found within the stained area. This evidence may then be used for comparison testing to determine if an individual is likely to be a contributor to the stain. DNA Extraction from a positive semen or sperm sample provides further confirmation regarding the presence of the stain. Please see this link for additional types of follow on DNA tests that may be accomplished on a semen or sperm sample.

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Private Investigators Only 
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Infidelity Private Investigator

What is the best way to test for infidelity?

As with any professional matter, hiring a private investigator is a serious situation and ample research should be expended to ensure proper selection.  You should not over-weigh any of the apparent issues such as cost or qualifications.  You should have a comfortable relationship with your investigator prior to signing any contract.   The two main issues are ... how to find an infidelity private investigator and how to hire an infidelity private investigator.  Links to these expanded sections are provided below.

Signs of infidelity.

The easiest way to catch her cheating 
is to send in a pair of her panties

An infidelity private investigator will not be listed at this website if we have received any unanswered or serious complaints.  While we do not endorse the private investigators at this website, we will ensure that they are professional, courteous, and  are in the business to provide you infidelity investigation services.

If you are a private investigator offering infidelity services, we will provide you with a free listing and an expanded forensic knowledge base to assist you in the performance of specific infidelity tests. In addition, you will receive consultation support free of charge.   A few of the infidelity tests are listed in the order of popularity.

  • Semen and Saliva Detections
  • DNA extractions from positive semen detections
    • YPLEX for male specific DNA
    • Powerplex profiling for identification
    • Differential Lysis for separating profiles
  • DNA extractions from positive saliva detections
    • YPLEX for male specific DNA
    • Powerplex profiling for identification
  • Blood Detections
    • Powerplex profiling for sex identification
    • Yplex for paternal linage
    • Profiling for maternal linage by mtDNA

Listed Private Investigators receive the following benefits:

  • Reduced pricing - Discount pricing for semen detections and DNA testing
  • Access to online support, pricing, and ordering
  • Affidavits on tests at no charge
  • Free advertising and promotion
  • Unlimited consultation at no charge to determine the best type of test for male or female infidelity

Semen and Sperm Detection